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IDEMA DISKCON Asia-Pacific 2013       
28 October 2013 - Bangkok Conference
            29 October 2013 - Bangkok Golf Tournament
October 2013 - Singapore Conference
1 November 2013 - Singapore Golf Tournament (EVENT CANCELLED)
            4 November 2013 - Suzhou Conference   
                 Please be informed that the DISKCON  
                 Singapore Golf Tournament on 1 Nov 2013  
                 will be cancelled.

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                                                                                                             and Support to the Hard Drive Industry

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IDEMA DISKCON Asia Pacific 2012

"Re-focusing The Hard Disk Drive Industry"

Certificate of Competence in Storage Technology (CoCST)
The nationally-recognised Certificate of Competence in Storage Technology, aimed at the disk drive industry, is a step to increase the competitiveness of the workforce. A move to keep abreast of the technology and products. A precedent in educational programs. 

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Going Beyond the Hype: The Real Story Of Hard Drives Versus Solid State Drives
Every day seems to bring a new prediction that hard drives will soon go the way of the floppy disk, due to the emergence of solid state drives. I understand the appeal of a good story as much as anyone. But what is the real story with hard drives versus solid state drives? Quite frankly, when you look beyond the hype, it �s clear that hard drives are (and will continue to be) the dominant storage choice.
by Joel Weiss for EDN Magazine

Suzhou Golf Tournament 31 May 2013
This IDEMA Golf Tournament aims not only to provide us an opportunity to have fun in a game of golf but is also to set up a platform for us to enhance our friendship and relationship within the disk drive business.

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IDEMA Celebrates 25 Years of Continued Service and Support to the Hard Drive Industry
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